Reflections on a House Divided

Filling the Gap - with Teeth

My eldest step-sister sent me a very moving editorial cartoon-strip that powerfully illustrates the ongoing need for all freedom-loving  people to remember the events leading up to the holocaust, to learn the lessons contained therein, and, to never forget them.

That cartoon, along with the commentary that came with it, can be
seen here

As much as I liked that piece I felt that there was something fundamental that was missing. Fore, it was the case with the  holocaust then and our current struggle against the Islamists now, that danger was not simply the product of the actions of the aggressors themselves - Nazis or Islamists respectively -  but,  the ground-work for disaster had been laid and sustained by other groups and forces as well.  And, I tried to express that idea in my reply ---

I just hope that enough people keep that catastrophe and the current dangers in mind when they vote in this coming election. And, that instead of just ticking the same box they've done all their lives out of habit they - particularly [our fellow] Jews - [will] spend a moment to consider that - the [World] war and Holocaust [were] proceeded by the Munich treaty, appeasement of the aggressors, anti-military feelings and isolationism amongst the peoples of the democratic countries, withdrawal, and the illusion that conflict could be avoided if we tried to "just get along." And, [I hope that a moment']...[will be]  spent...thinking about the current conflict and whom [it is] amongst our politicians and candidates [that] have attitudes [concerning] defence and the military more [in accords with] those displayed by Roosevelt and Churchill [than] those demonstrated by Chamberlain (i.e. "peace in our time").

To the passage above I would on reflection add the following:
  1. to the list - above - of factors that contributed to the weakness, vulnerability and apathy of the west in the decades before the Nazis attacked Poland - stating the Second World War - should be added those factions that sought to - and to a significant extent succeeded in -  undermining the faith and confidence of the Democratic west in it's beliefs, principles and institutions - i.e. individual liberty, the Judeo-Christian Tradition, free markets, representative government and natural rights - and to replace them with various forms of collectivism such as Marxism and Fascism; oh yes. and an additional dose of plain run-of-the-mill corruption as well
  2. of the electable candidates running in the current campaign, the polices associated with the objects of the following headlines are also those most in keeping with the factors mentioned previously  --
     Obama calls for immediate withdrawal from Iraq
    Did A Corrupt Ba’athist Billionaire Finance Obama?
    One-degree of separation: Weatherman Bill Ayers...
    Typical Chicago Politics Will Come Back To Haunt Obama

    Obama and Chicago Mores
     Clinton, Obama Recast Their Message on Iraq;
  3. finally, the commentary that accompanied the cartoon in question contained the following assertion --"The rest of the Muslims who say or do nothing about them are as guilty as the extremists."

    Given the fact that in Afghanistan and Iraq, every day American and NATO troops fight side-by-side with Moslem soldiers, security personnel and militia fighters AGAINST the Islamists and their allies, and that - in those conflicts there are more Moslems fighting on our side than against us - gross generalizations of that kind, which distort the image of Moslems by omitting those facts, are both self-defeating and unjust. Fore, by the insult to the Moslems fighting on our side implicit in such omissions, the feelings invoked by them can only serve to make the work of our serving men and women more difficult and put their lives at greater risk than they would be otherwise. In short, such assertions dishonour those Moslems who put their lives - and those of their families - on the line every day in order to join us in fighting for a better future for all, and as such play right into the hands of the Islamist propaganda specialists.

    Some further reflection on the idea of "group responsibility" of the kind mentioned above can be found here


(C) David Aronin 2008