Reflections on a House Divided

Pay No attention to That Grey Lady Behind the Curtain
It will do you no good in any case, as she will blame you regardless of what you do.

Of which National news outlet was it true that they "...thought it "understandable" for the government to investigate and prosecute media leaks that compromise "the secrecy of the nation's most sensitive intelligence gathering systems." Programs involving "electronic intercepts and other data obtained by advanced satellites and other devices" were a particular concern. The more they learned about American signals intelligence capabilities, after all, the easier it would become for our "adversaries to cut off
access to vitally important information about threats to the United States." So "responsible news organizations" would want to be especially "mindful of the security concerns" when reporting on these surveillance initiatives," (
The Worst of Times, Weekly Standard).
The Washington Times? The Wall street Journal?
Some obscure venue of a nascent neo-Fascist Front?

It was "The Newspaper of Record" herself in November 2000 - before it was known which party would be coming into office in January of the New Year.  As a work of shear artistry though the contrast between the position expressed above, and those implicit in its recent actions, pales in both depth and consequence to that which was obtained through use of the issue of racial-profiling, as a means - pre-911 - of attacking the President - for failing to put an end to the practice - and then - post 9/11 - for failing to prevent that tragedy - by neglecting to use it widely and vigorously enough to accomplish that feat. Or, in the words of one critic of this "art-form:"

"The New York Times nearly equals [Nadine] Strossen in shameless self-contradiction. It editorialized that the FBI’s “fumbling” of the Arizona terrorist warning constituted an “egregious failure.” Never mind that before May 2001, and continuing to this day, the Times has been the nation’s most powerful voice berating the police for what it charged was their use of race and ethnicity in investigatory stops.""

In the face of competition of that quality - even second place is a lasting achievement.

C) David Aronin 2006