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  • Dr. Robert T. Morris: Fifty Years a Surgeon
    A clear window into many important and interesting areas of life in general - as well as medicine - in the mid-19th to early 20th century. Warts and all. Good read. (***)
  • Christopher Landon: Ice Cold in Alex

    Christopher Landon: Ice Cold in Alex
    Interesting and well developed characters, in genuinely tension inducing situations - even when the matter of "who did it" is not really a mystery. Vivid enough for the place and period - WW2 North Africa to early 1950s Britain - to come to life inside your mind. (***)

  • Karl Von Clausewitz: On War

    Karl Von Clausewitz: On War
    I read this first many years ago. The author then impressed me as being more lucid and broadly learned than many contemporary writers on this and similar areas. He still does. (****)

  • Loren Lomasky: Person's, Rights, and the Moral Community

    Loren Lomasky: Person's, Rights, and the Moral Community
    Well written, and clear. Many interesting ideas and explications of problems, but his theory itself - on a derivation of rights, seems possessed of unnecessary elements. Worth reading. (***)

  • J. B.Schneewind: Sidgwick's Ethics and Victorian Moral PhilosophyVictorian Moral Philosophy
    Details life and analyses work of one of the great figures in 19th century philosophy. Well written, gives good insight into the context of attitudes, assumptions, and circumstances affecting much of the intellectual spirit and life of Britain during those times. (***)
  • J.G.Ballard: The Drowned World

    J.G.Ballard: The Drowned World
    Another (long-time) re-read. Ballard tends to play one note - but it's a good one - and he plays it VERY well. Some uncontrolled/unforeseen calamity engulfs the world. Protagonist(s) confront general realization of the coldly impersonal nature of the world and how human responses are to a large extent a product of the interaction of those forces with his/there-own biological pre-dispositions - engraved in the structure of each and every one of their cells. And, that the true and only expression of one's authentic self and humanity, lies in how and whether one can/does inwardly accept the truth of these constraints, and expresses that realization, in those (few) opportunities available for actual personal choice. Intentionally or not his work gives powerful and poetic expression to the Existentialist perspective. The world of this novel happens to be slowly drowning in the over-heated flood-tides that result from a run-away solar anomaly. But, it could be just about any such occurrence - e.g. A "Wind From Nowhere," or the Japanese invasion of Shanghai (both of which served as the backgrounds of others among his novels). The story-line, character-types, dilemmas, decisions, and general moods are much the same in each story, but the pacing, poetry, intensity, and aggravating authenticity of the characterizations in each instance are gripping enough to make every reading worthwhile. (***)

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18 March 2008



While I am not entirely excusing Obama by any means, (the analogy to JFK was way off the mark,and irrelevant to his point, for one thing), I do think there are many people of all colors who've at some time had to recognize they simply cannot mediate the experiences of their elders that result in deeply entrenched ways of thinking about such things -- forevermore. And at the same time, while they can understand the roots of that rhetoric and denounce it in the present, it isn't always easy to cast aside someone who, for all their massive faults, has also provided one with immense love, support, and encouragement. I wouldn't sit through such diatribes for even a minute, either, but then I'm not the one who owes this pastor a thing, even while I'm running for President. Sometimes one owes another person respect and loyalty for their many positive contributions to one's life, even while reviling their deep imperfections,and acknowledging with sadness that their past will always be their present. The hyperbolic, dramatic expressions of certain types of holy men of various faiths only adds to the blaze.


There's one fundamental difference between Obama and McCain with respect to religious crackpots. Obama has repudiated the endorsement of Farrakhan and been highly critical of his own pastor, whereas McCain (despite his early rejection of the Christian right) is now sucking up to lunatics who endorsed him, such as the millenarian fanatic John Hagee and that right-wing Christian extremist at the Columbus, OH, megachurch. In short, McCain is courting religious fanatics, whereas Obama is repudiating them. Score one for Obama.


I found this trackback in my spam filter ..dug it right out!...I posted on this yesterday as well..he is a lying, anti American, Stalinist anti semite bigot!..end of story my friend!:)

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