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Reflections on a House Divided


Famously, Winston Churchill has been misquoted as pronouncing that --

If you're not a liberal when you're 25, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 35, you have no brain.
Wiki Quotes: Winston Churchill

Whoever its actual source may have been, and though missing large and important sets of exceptions - young conservatives with loving hearts being prime amongst those - I've always felt that adage to capture an important truth about the impetuousness, naiveté and arrogance of youth in comparison with the more balanced, seasoned and world-weary perspectives more common amongst those who've lived a bit longer. 

Barak Obama is no longer young. And, whatever mentors, colleagues and movements might have been understandable in one of his background whilst still forming, are no longer sufficient to explain who and what he is now. And, in particular, they are not sufficient to justify his current choices.

Some things might just come from being young, black, brilliant and politically ambitious in Chicago. Chicago is a solidly Democratic town.  Blacks have a higher level of anti-Semitism than Americans in general, blacks also tend to be disproportionately Democratic - and within that spectrum to cluster on its left end. And, there was the Senator's  long exposure to the elite centres of higher education along with the clear, pervasive biases found therein. Left-wing Democrats have a disproportionate tendency towards being neutral-to-hostile in regards to Israel .

But, Sen Obama is full grown and running for President. Hence, his choices of whom to have at his side as advisers - while striving to convince the whole nation of his suitability for that office - may tell us much more about his current inclinations than does his choice of church, pastors and mentors in times past. And, in regards to those choices - in matters pertaining to Israel and foreign policy in general, one could do little better than  by reprising the following analysis  --

If it was only one, or two, or even three, of Obama’s close advisors who have adopted anti-Israeli and anti-American positions (and in some cases used anti-Semitic language), one might possibly excuse Obama. But Obama has chosen to surround himself with many such persons.

Again, if Obama had appointed even one reliable, experienced Democrat, such as Richard Holbrooke, to his foreign policy team, one might feel more comfortable that he won’t make disastrous foreign policy mistakes if elected. But he hasn’t.
(emphasis added)

As an intelligent man, Obama is no doubt capable of mastering foreign policy but it will take some time; and while he’s doing so, in an extremely dangerous world, it may well prove a very costly education for the rest of us.

A previous dispatch on this list referred to Obama advisors Zbigniew Brzezinski (who served as Jimmy Carter’s disastrous national security advisor), Robert Malley (a relentless apologist for Yasser Arafat), and Samantha Power (who has called for the elimination of foreign aid to Israel and its redirection to “Palestine”). So this dispatch will deal with some of Obama’s other advisors and close associates.

(Incidentally, although Power had to withdraw from the public face of Obama’s campaign after calling Hillary Clinton a “monster,” I am reliably told that she remains in close contact with Obama and would almost certainly be given a senior posting were he to become president.)


The media have been so starry-eyed about Obama (Barbara Walters calling him “very sexy” on ABC TV is just the tip of the iceberg), and so relentless in their criticism of Hillary Clinton, who despite all her many faults has actually lied less than Obama on the campaign (most of the media ignoring his lies while relentlessly playing up hers), that they have failed to properly report some of the worst anti-Semitic outbursts of his closest confidants.

Among these are the comments by General Merrill “Tony” McPeak, Obama’s military advisor and the co-chair of his presidential campaign, that American Jews were responsible for the lack of progress in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

McPeak, a longtime anti-Israel critic, told The Oregonion newspaper that the problem was New York and Miami. “We have a large vote here in favor of Israel. And no politician wants to run against it.”


In other words if it weren’t for those dammed Jews in their retirement homes in Miami, Hamas, Hizbullah, and Islamic Jihad would all just put down their weapons.

The Republican Jewish Coalition has called on Obama to remove McPeak. “By choosing to have a military advisor and national campaign co-chairman like General McPeak, serious questions and doubts are once again being raised about Senator Obama’s positions and judgment on Middle East issues,” the RJC said in a press release which was almost completely ignored by the pro-Obama media.

The RJC press release continued: “Rather than putting the blame where it belongs – on the Palestinian leadership and their continued reliance on terror, General McPeak finds it more convenient to blame American Jewry. This is the same dangerous and disturbing canard being promoted by the likes of Jimmy Carter and authors Mearsheimer and Walt in their book, The Israel Lobby. Senator Obama continues to surround himself with advisors holding troubling and disturbing anti-Israel bias.”
Obama’s advisors blame the Jews; & McCain was right: Iran’s help for Sunni terrorism

(C) David Aronin 2008  
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