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Reflections on a House Divided

The Shape of Things to Come

We must be willing and able to work for and encourage the best that might emerge from the incoming administration, but also, to be fully prepared for the worst

...this is not “your father’s” left.
They have mastered the “art” of incrementalism.
Things will happen out of sight and slowly for some while as the veneer of normalcy is maintained in key areas.

Look for soft words at first and compromise,
look to be reassured.
And then.............?

Part I: The worst

From exchanges on Free Republic  - a conservative online forum - in which this author was a participlant.

Exchange 1:
Respondent - "If you look around the country at the worst places to live, all of the worst Hell-holes are run exclusively by democrats. Want to see what liberal democrat domination looks like? Want to see the end result of what they stand for? Look at Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC... and many others.

We are about to get the same on the federal level, if Hussein wins, and the dems get to 60 in the US Senate. I’m afraid we could be heading for very dark times."

Reply - Yes, but there is a subtlety in play here that bears close attention. The closest analogy being that of the frog being boiled in the pot so slowly that he doesn’t notice it until it is too late, and the closest historical example might be that of the way by which Joe Stalin defeated his rivals for power in the aftermath of Lenin’s death.

The first term of an Obama presidency might be devoted largely towards extension and consolidation of Marxist power in the country. A tightened and extended grip being exerted on all educational institutions, professional organizations, youth groups and facilities, helping professions, the ABA and the AMA, etc. Legal provisions will be implemented to enforce and solidify the existing
institutional policies. And bureaucratic control on all levels will be exerted to reinforce those methods - phone calls from dissenters will not be returned, emails replied to, files will be “misplaced," payments unrecorded, etc. Fines WILL be levied though - whenever possible - and collected.

This was Stalin’s genius. As party secretary he consolidated power in just that way, and exerted it when the gloves were off. “Good old Joe keeps things running while we - the other party officials - do the “really”important things - such as the development of revolutionary theory, etc.”
They - the other officials - as it turned out, were dead meat.

During the period while a Obama regime consolidates, they will seek to extend their writ into agencies - such as the military, security services, and local police - where their influence has been resisted heretofore. There will be carrots - grants, promotions, preferred placement, etc those inclined or willing to toe the party line. Others will be forced out as quickly as possible. They will do much as Clinton did when in office but more systematically and thoroughly. Professionalism and patriotism will take a back seat to ideological adherence and devotion - just as it did in the Soviet Army before the German invasion in 1941 exposed what a hollow shell it had become as a result.

And, while these things are happening, there may well be a semblance of normalcy in other areas. Just as Lenin employed the NEP, much of the fundamentals of the free market will likely be kept in place as long as they are useful, AND until the Marxists think the population is ready for more foundational changes. Similarly, the outward forms of the GWOT may be maintained while the groundwork is laid - here and overseas - for some kind of “fair and just” form of “reconciliation” to be implemented . A set of measures intended - of course - to address the “legitimate” issues that “prompted” the war in the first place - i.e. “globalization”, “unfair” distribution of wealth, “disrespect for the culture of Islam”, “the legacies of colonialism”, and - of course - the “ravages of Zionist aggression.” But don’t look for this last point to be expressed in any war remotely resembling that which matches the way the Marxists think of it. Instead there will be soft, soothing murmurs about “a balanced, even-handed approach,” the need for “true multiculturalism and religious pluralism in Israel”, a “right of return” for Palestinian refugees etc.

When the frog is fully cooked, he will - of course - be eaten."

Exchange 2:
Respondent - "How is it that the entire system began it’s collapse when the dems took over in 2006.

Remember gas prices back then, remember the stock market back then, remember the unemployment rate back then.

I remember too, all those repubs, who thought it a good idea to allow the dems to take over, as it didn’t matter. Both parties were the same.


Reply: "Thank you!
This is not “your father’s” left. They control most of the “gate keeping” nodes in our society - educational, professional/accrediting organizations, medical, helping professions, human resources, media/entertainment. They have come this far towards controlling who goes where in every facet of the culture and how the world is perceived.
They will not let go and they are playing for keeps.

We had 8 long years to try and put the GOP - and the country in general - on a more conservative track, but we blew it (for one thing we could have had congressional hearings into communist influence in education, ties between Marxists and Islamists; coalesced around a body of viable conservative candidates and a solid plan of action etc). If we don’t own up to our own responsibility for those failures - and try and “pick up our marbles and go home” - we will soon find there is no home to go to.

G-d Bless and save our Republic!"

Exchange 3:
Respondent - "Case in point, the co-chair of curriculum re: IL as well as contributor to Bank Street and others who create our children's schoolbooks... and worse, some of their ideas.

They put down the bombs and plant them in the minds of children against their country.


For more on his thoughts re: education, see Conversation con Bill Ayers on youtube. He lays out how he molds minds."

Reply - "Thank you for your reply.
And, you are exactly right. After the 60s and early 70s, the radicals began to filter into the “gate-keeping” and informational nodules of our society - to replicate themselves, and take those sectors over - just as viruses do to cells. All facets of the educational system; professional organizations - often with quasi-legal authority in regards to professional standards, such as the ABA and AMA; helping professions - social work, medicine, counselling, etc; human resources; journalism and entertainment, etc were absorbed. And ultimately - as a result - they have had significant success in shaping the perceptions of the American people. Hence, at this point “Communist” is not longer a derogatory term to most, and “redistribution of income” has become an acceptable idea for a majority of young people.

People have been talking about this problem for 40 years now - and though some persons and organizations, such as David Horowitz and FIRE, have done yeoman work in this area - there has yet to be a concerted national effort to
wrestle it to the ground.

I was very much hoping that matters of this kind - and related issues - would become a major factor in this campaign - and I wrote an article expressing my frustration with the fact that no such movement has developed:


“Phd Bill” over at PowerLine has written a great piece on how this process developed and where it has taken us:


G-d willing it is not too late to reverse this infection. There had been a golden opportunity to do something on a national level while the GOP help both houses of Congress - congressional investigations may have gone far towards quelling the infestation. G-d willing a comparable circumstance will present itself before it is too late.

All the best!"

Exchange 4:
Respondent - "The people who turned poor and struggling minority neighbourhoods into bottomless sink-holes of desperation, violence and despair...

Will now do the same for your neighborhood.

Ah, Utopian socialism, it thinks it can change human nature, when all it can do is degrade it further. A false god, a false religion, and the end is temporal and ultimately eternal destruction."

Reply - "Thank you for your reply!
Give most people some basic opportunity, encouragement, tough love, and ACTUAL charitable assistance to those deserving, and they usually make do themselves.
The left is simply committed to NOT
understanding that.
I have been told by professionals in the “helping fields” - in discussion of the role of voluntary action in helping those in need - to the effect that —regular folks just can’t be trusted to do good but must be “forced” into it —
Said with a straight face.
Can’t help but wonder what “alternate world” they drifted in from.

All the best!"

Exchange 5:
"Just look at Cuba for a reflection of what the USA will look like under this kind of “change”.

Reply - Eventually yes.
But, this is not “your father’s” left.
They have mastered the “art” of incrementalism.
Things will happen out of sight and slowly for some while as the veneer of normalcy is maintained in key areas. They will likely consolidate their grip and seek to splinter the opposition - i.e. us - into quibbling fragments before fully dropping the mask and raising the red flag.
“A frog boiled slowly dies just the same. And is eaten with as much relish.”

All the best!"

All emphasis added.

How to prepare for the worst

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