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Reflections on a House Divided


Well before the climatic moments of the Democratic convention, it was clear that something vital was missing from the Republican campaign

A passage in an article by Dick Morris, concerning a recent Fox News poll, further underlines the failure of Republicans to clearly communicate to the public the nature and identity of their main adversaries - the "Progressive" movement generally and its adherents the left-wing of the Democratic Party in particular - and, consequently, to effectively inform the American people as to what is really  at stake in the coming election --

 Only 19 percent of all voters said they disliked [Sen Obama's] liberalism, connection with the Rev Wright,  radicalism, religious views, elitism or even said they disagreed with him about anything. Another 8 percent disliked his flip-flops on issues.
Poll Shows Volatility of Presidential Race

And thoughts about the failure of "everyday" Republican and conservative leaders, office-holders and frontline workers - as opposed to talk show hosts and activists - to make the connection between Sen Obama, left-wing Democrats and the neo-Marxist - and frankly anti-American - agenda of the "Progressive" movement, were also on my mind when I replied to an email a friend sent me on a related matter - (some changes and additions to which have been made for the sake of greater clarity and emphasis):

Sadly, the nature and extent of Sen Obama's left-wing agenda doesn't seem to have penetrated into the awareness of the American public in general. They just don't associate him, the "Progressive" movement and the Democratic party with the kinds of infringements and irritations that have come to be seen as "normal" in everyday life. That is, things such as: kids being punished in school for drawing pictures of their soldier relatives, taking a Bible to class or pointing fingers at each other and yelling "Bang!;" parents being threatened for spanking their kids (do you know any parent who hasn't been harassed in that way, by the  kids themselves or others?); parents being denied a say concerning the content of "Sex Education" in their kids schools or the messages otherwise being conveyed by their kid's teachers - e.g. about "how bad this country is" and whom parents should vote for in impending elections; libraries that let paedophiles in - giving them access to porn online and children in person - while keeping Christians at bay; refusal by librarians to cooperate with law enforcement authorities even when the life of a child is at risk; the confiscation of private property for the sake of "Smart Growth" - including schemes to intentionally create traffic congestion as a justification for "light rail" systems, as well as action taken under the authority of  the Endangered Species Act; ongoing attempts to exclude the BSA from all public functions and facilities while inviting and welcoming groups that advocate for all and any forms of sexual preference - or are representative of any religious affiliation besides those adhering to "Mere" Christianity or Observant Judaism; criminalization of self-defence,. Etc. [one might also add things such as the everyday effects of racial preferences and attempts to shut down military recruiters and deny them access to college and high-school facilities to this list]

And, though there are nought but a bare handful of badly misguided "Republicans" who support such things, when they do occur people just don't connect infringements of those  kind with the persons who are actually responsible for them - a large proportion of whom count themselves members the "Progressive Movement" and/or the left wing of the Democratic Party.

How did that happen?

It is well past time for the Republican Party and all concerned with the preservation of American traditions - as well as plain common sense - to start to connect  the dots in the minds of the public between the "Progressive Movement," the left wing of the Democratic Party and these kinds of impositions on the lives and liberty of ordinary Americans - infringements that have become almost a daily occurrence in many places in the county.

Otherwise, It is a death of a thousand cuts. And it will not stop until a (political) stake is put into the (political) hearts of all those responsible, and done so at the polls by voting them out of office and replacing them with men and women - from both parties - who posses a basic level of common sense along with a love of traditional American values.  And, that will not happen until regular, everyday candidates, incumbents and party officials - not just talk-radio hosts and conservative commentators - are willing to tell the whole story about what  is going on, who is doing it and do so publicly and often - in speeches, ads, op-ed pieces and at press conferences.

 Some readings on what the "Progressive" movement and their allies have done to America's public libraries:
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(C) David Aronin 2008