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Reflections on a House Divided

Celebrate Disaster

It's about CHANGE.
The people who turned poor and struggling minority neighbourhoods into bottomless sink-holes of desperation, violence and despair
- want your vote.

They have new plans.
Lots of them.

People of an older generation may still remember a time when in places like Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta and LA, people of all races, colours and creeds moved around the city freely and without fear most of the time. And when there was fear, it might be that of getting punched in the nose - not shot and killed. Adults and kids walked and played  in the parks, families - of all kinds - slept safely on rooftops during hot summer nights before AC was widespread. And, in many neighbourhoods people - of all races - really did leave their doors unlocked much of the time.
But then things

There was:

  1. The creation of  welfare assistance programs that went out of their way to exclude traditional families - those with a father in the household - from receiving aid.
  2. The - related - propagation of other attitudes current amongst liberal elites at that time in regards to marriage and parenthood. Attitudes to the effect that - traditional institutions and assumptions related to families and the rearing of children were merely  "social constructs" and oppressive ones at that
  3. Which factors - along with a veritable celebration of out-of-wedlock birth,  single-parent families and  sexual license generally - did much to further erode the strength and viability of Afro-American families - just as those same factors did to  many families amongst other ethnic groups as well -  resulting in greater levels of poverty amongst women and children generally.
  4. The creation of a welfare system that did little to encourage and assist recipients in preparation and search for viable employment.
  5. A blue-print for "urban renewal" based on bulldozing economically distressed communities. And, in so doing, destroying as well the residents own social institutions - often very vibrant, creative and successful -  in the process. During which destruction and dislocation, the former residents of targeted communities were placed - largely - in high-rise ghettos. One result of which process - in its entirety - being that the former residents were now dependent on bureaucratic structures, rather than those of their own creation - and under their own control - for the purposed of meeting their communal needs in regards to charity and political expression.
  6. Encouragement - from the same elites then involved in promoting radical changes in family structure and sexual mores  - for under-employed young minority men in particular - to adopt the notions that: members of the "dominant culture" in general - and businessmen in particular - along with the capitalist system as a whole - were to blame for all the real or imagined wrongs and personal disappointments that they, 'other member of their group, or their ancestors, had suffered in the last few centuries or so.   And that - rather than attempting to use the instruments of education, entrepreneurship, and traditional work ethic to better their positions in life -  it was both their duty and in their highest self-interest for them to actively engage in a relentless struggle against those persons and that economic system. And to do so "by any means necessary." Which attitudes and assumptions worked against full participation of young minority men in the nations economy and did so at the very moment that unprecedented opportunities had opened up for them.
  7.  Promulgation by the same elites of the related notion that - members of minority groups who adhered to beliefs, perspectives, methods and  practices commonly thought of as being fundamental to western civilization - e.g. in regards to: science and scholarship, work ethic, delayed gratification, organization of time, language/vocabulary, the role of  music and visual art in culture, etc, were "inauthentic" and - in some sense - guilty of betraying their "real" heritage
  8. in regards to crime, focus by social scientists and liberal elites on the disproportionate incarceration rates amongst minorities - particularly Afro-Americans - rather than on the equally disproportionate role they play as crime victims. And, in so doing, helping to create a perspective that could only have had the effect of: undermining efforts to protect the vast majority of blacks - honest and hard-working folk - from the thugs in their midst; strengthening the identification of minority members with thugs in the minds of the rest of the public; undermining the basis for the natural sympathy that would have otherwise been likely to have emerged as both blacks and non-blacks struggled against a common threat; and, the creation - by default - of an image of the Thug -  rather than those who worked to suppress him - as a primary role model for black kids.
  9. The poisoning  - through insistence by liberal elites on "curative" measures, such as affirmative action and forced bussing - of the well of good-will that had accumulated during the civil-rights era. Measures which made a mockery of the ideals - such as equality under the law, and the stipulation that persons should be judged through the content of their own characters, rather than in terms of the population and ethnic groups into which they happened to have been born. And which, in so doing, placed the burden of three centuries of oppression squarely on the shoulders of white working and middle-class families - who were subsequently stereotyped as - at best - stupid children, or vile racists, if they so much as questioned the wisdom or justice of such measures. And, which policies could be said to have - ultimately - had much more to do with the redemptive fantasies of guilt-ridden liberal elites than with any actual advancements to be had in regards to justice or reconciliation among Americans.
  10. All of which measures, policies and attitudes, having helped to foster an image of minorities - amongst themselves as well as the population as a whole - as hapless victims requiring pervasive and persistent paternalistic aid in order to function - at best - or of incorrigible thugs - at worst. An image that could not have been more damaging to the cause of justice and reconciliation then one that had been the product of a cooperative effort  between neo-Nazis and the KKK

And now, of course, we can add the current financial crisis - caused largely by other failed Democratic polices in the housing and mortgage markets - to their long list of "accomplishments."

"The Democratic Party and Barak Obama want to do for America what they've done for minorities, families, home-owners, relations between races and ethnic groups, freedom of speech, safe streets and neighbourhoods, individual rights and the idea of personal responsibility,  America can't afford that risk."

Change like that, we don't need

(C) David Aronin 2008  
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