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Reflections on a House Divided

County-by-County, State-by-State:

taking it back

Vicki McKenna has the right idea

And, the right way of thinking about the problem.
Simple, but not obvious. In her state - Wisconsin - with a Democratic governor and state senate, as well as an assembly that has just "turned blue" after 14 years as a Republican strong-hold - what could be done by  conservatives to: make headway on their agenda, revive the morale of their adherents, remind the public of their presence, raise their stature in the public eye, and develop and sustain the momentum needed to renew their drive to take back the legislature and Governor's mansion? She "looked around" and saw - referendums. I.e. advisory referendums on issues where the majority of voters in her state agreed with the conservative positions - e.g. voter ID. If passed by the electorate legislators would then have to either vote on and for a popular measure or go on record against it. And, referendums on local and county issues, where the results might - in some cases - have the effect of law (one possible case being a referendum in some localities to oppose attempts by some town, city and county officials to develop a light rail system - and to do so in spite of the fact that money is lacking to provide more basic services such as a 911 system that works properly and adequate police protection).

In every locality in the country there are likely to be similar legislative and advisory instruments - waiting to be used - and popular issues that suite their use.

So - as those on the left used to say:
"don't mourn, organize."
And get going.

The broadcast in which Ms McKenna laid out her ideas on this topic can be downloaded by clicking::
Fast-forward to minute 8 of the program.
And, she can be reached by email @
Please let her know how you feel about her ideas and give her whatever support you can.

Vicki McKenna got her start in radio as a news anchor/reporter and editor in Northern Illinois. She moved to Madison in 1995, where she worked as assistant news director for a Madison news/talk station. In 1996 she won the coveted position as co-host of the morning show on the legendary Z104 FM, then later on the heritage alternative rock station WMAD. After a brief stint in advertising, Vicki returned to the airwaves in 2003 to pursue her original passion in radio: news/talk on the explosive show "Upfront".

Vicki calls herself a "converted conservative", which she credits to her upbringing and a conversation with former Congressman Mark Neumann in her early days of reporting.

Vicki McKenna hails from Rockford and Roscoe, Illinois. She did her undergraduate work at Beloit College, and went on to pursue her masters in Sociology at the University of Denver, but never finished. She has received numerous awards for her work in the broadcast medium, including the Illinois Broadcasters Association Award for Excellence. She's been the recipient of the Wisconsin State Journal/Capital Times Readers Choice Award, Isthmus Newspaper's Madison Favorites, Fox 47 Viewer's Choice Award and Madison Magazine's Best of Madison.

Vicki has appeared on the Fox News Channel, C-Span, CNN, NBC's Today Show, CNN Radio, ABC Radio news and Wisconsin Public Television.

She is an avid marine fish, eel, reef and snake keeper. Her personal interests include her pets, motorcycles, target shooting and scuba.

Vicki McKenna is a proud member of the NRA--and committed defender of OUR Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

You can email Vicki personally at

her website


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