Reflections on a House Divided

In Memoriam

My Father passed away last week. That is why I've not posted from then till now. Like so many men of his generation, he showed much of the depth of his love and devotion to his family by working ceaselessly, and uncomplainingly to provide for them in spite of whatever other pressures that might be affecting him - illness, disappointments, and dissatisfactions. In addition, our Mother's ongoing ill health meant that - in many ways - he was required to do double-duty as well. Until my teens I never knew him to have less than 2 jobs, and then he put in at least as much time on his one job as he had on any two he worked at previously. He was on call there at all times. And, this was not required for luxury or to "keep up with the Jones," as the phrase was back then - but for basic sustenance and a modicum of comfort for his family.  In the little free time he had, he taught us how to play baseball, took us for bike-rides, and visits to relatives, and saw to our religious education and observance. He taught me to read - where the local public school had faltered. He also instilled in us a life-long love of learning, as well as his own particular perception of the world, and all in it, as a connected whole. Which perspective was not - on his part - an unthinking expression of new-age platitudes - but an encapsulation of how he actually and actively sought to understand the events he encountered in his life - from the great movements of history to his relations with the neighbours next door.

He will be missed by us as all parents are missed by children who love them.

I will renew my normal publication tomorrow before Shabbat.

Thank you all

(C) David Aronin 2006