Reflections on a House Divided

Open Season

This marks my first attempt at hosting a "open trackback" session. Therefore, if well-attended, the postings seen on this page will be those other than my own. Which, if transpires as hoped, will be a fine thing for all - myself included, as I have a project deadline  staring at me starkly and with unfriendly gaze.

What This means in essence is  that anyone can post a link to their own work on this page through using the trackback option available through the hosting service they use for their own sites. These sessions have been organized and facilitated by Brian Scott at The Blue State Conservatives. Mr Scott also provides there a fuller explanation of the idea behind, and method involved in,  such sessions, than I would likely be capable of at this point. Though be sure to read the whole section not just the first posting there, if you're considering posting a link yourself.

So, my blog is your blog, for the day if you wish. All I ask, is that those who participate, refrain from indulging in either foul language, gratuitous sexual references, or any of the kinds of usages normally excluded by most Terms Of Use.

(C) David Aronin 2006