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Reflections on a House Divided

Part II:
The Shape of Things to Come

We must be willing and able to work for and encourage the best that might emerge from the incoming administration, but also, to be fully prepared for the worst

...this is not “your father’s” left.
They have mastered the “art” of incrementalism.
Things may happen out of sight and slowly for some while as the veneer of normalcy is maintained in key areas.

Preparing for the Worst

Developed from a reply made to an email containing the following photo:

Good gallows humour, but the rumour of our death is premature. Time
to ask ourselves:
What are the facets of American life that are still solid?

most Christian Evangelical congregations, many observant
(Orthodox) Jewish congregations, some number of Catholic Parishes; the
Military, many LE agencies, most home-schooling families, some private
schools, a few colleges/universities (and some departments within others: economics, business, military science, some political science depts, some "hard science" depts) some main-stream-media outlets (Fox, WTimes), many new media outlets, many businesses and business people - but less than you might think, etc.

But these are ALL under threat - and that threat will become worse.

Where do the threats to these institutions come from?

i. anyone from a journalism program is suspect (the "turning"
of Army/Navy Times are cases in point);
ii. helping professions:
therapists/councillors/social-workers, etc - those most vulnerable and in need of help may often receive perspectives that tend to undermine the teachings of their religious faiths as well as any beliefs they may have in objective truth and the virtue of self-reliance - any resentments they may have against "the system" will be encouraged, it will not be uncommon for them to also receive  "advice" on whom to vote for and believe in;
iii. k-12 teachers from traditional education programs;
some types of doctors: paediatricians/psychiatrists in particular;
iv. many lawyers;
v. labour unions,
vi. human resource departments of private institutions and businesses, and representatives from federal regulatory agencies (anti-discrimination, environmental and anti-harassment laws being as vague and punitive as they are provides entrance to business as well as private institutions by the left though those - e.g. human resource personnel -  tasked with ensuring compliance and educating management on such matters - educators, "trainers," and consultants in such areas are able then to "piggy back" identity politics and similar perspectives into curriculum aimed at persons training for positions in HR and related fields).

What are the kinds of things we can do to protect these institutions and those who seek to uphold their traditions?

i. create groups to vet people who work in these areas and create listings of
those who are reliable;
ii. create our own networks to help those in need
- ones that employ reliable professionals;
iii. be willing to support those people whose jobs, SSA benefits, pensions, etc have been threatened as a result of expressing their traditional values and/or activism - the
need for this may be great, the cost high - and
eventually people may have to be hidden/protected (legal help will be particularly in need - as the new government seeks to use the law in whatever way it can to suppress dissent or practices they disapprove of - e.g. teaching one's kids that homosexuality is wrong);
iv. send kids to schools (that includes day-care and after-school activities) that are
known to be safe - or teach them yourselves;
v. learn the buzz words for socialist perspectives:
examples: "diversity," "social justice," "multiculturalism," "oppression," critical [theory], [legal studies], [race studies], "economic justice," "environmental
justice," "economic democracy," inclusiveness," etc
be wary of those who use too many too often;
vi. organize parents against: normalization of homosexuality in schools, political and anti-religious indoctrination of children, suppression of normal
boy behaviour - horse-play, tag, doge-ball, playing/drawing
soldiers/military, keeping score in games, competitiveness, etc;
vii. fight stupid school rules in general - those that undermine kids development of common sense - such as those treating pain meds like Advil - given by parents/doctors - as dangerous drugs, kids hugging each other as sexual activity, normal banter as "harassment," possession of nail-clippers/butter knives or equipment for science projects as possession of dangerous weapons etc;
viii. fight to support the BSA, fight tooth and nail to protect home-schooling and for laws that protect parental rights;
ix. organize local groups to monitor local media for bias, protest against it locally and
in person, boycott sponsors if needed, demand balance - at least,
actual patriotism - as much as possible.

Be prepared for a LONG struggle. Stay calm. Do not react with
knee-jerk anger to every thing that occurs. Violence - except in immediate response to
physical assault - is NEVER a viable or ethical tactic in a
struggle of this kind - the American left learned that - at least in regards to its viability - in the 1960s and 70s. Instead, it is much more likely  to tip the balance in the left's favour. Keep the long
struggle in mind and ALWAYS ask "how will this or that action affect


And, if I may add -
If you are expecting that the bulk of the opposition in this struggle will be comprised of persons with the kinds of shrill, leering, shallowness often found in places like Kos, etc. you will be taken by surprise - and quite possibly disarmed in consequence. The strength and insidiousness of this particular facet of the left consists largely of the fact that so many of its adherents are perfectly nice folks - decently educated and well spoken - who really do care about others. As such, most are best understood and taken more as well-intentioned and unwitting disciples and missionaries of an otherwise dangerous cult - rather than as the actual loci of its origin and corrupting nature. And - as a result - not every thing they undertake will necessarily lead to ends that are incompatible with American traditions of liberty, personal responsibility, economic freedom or its Judeo-Christian heritage. I.e. sometimes one of their projects will have good results, as well as just good intentions at its base.

Always remember: it is the greatest evil that prompts otherwise good people to do its biding -
Satan is the father of lies.

(C) David Aronin 2008
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