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Reflections on a House Divided


I've been convinced for quite some time that: there is a whole slue of issues that are of concern to many Americans - Republicans and moderate Democrats alike - on a regular basis, that those matters have so far gone largely unaddressed by the Republican campaign effort on all levels, and that tapping into them could make a real and significant difference in the outcome of the coming election.

The issues I have in mind are those related to movements and trends which usually go under names such as "political correctness,""multiculturalism,""diversity," "identity politics" "inclusiveness;" etc. Movements which strive for "equality of outcome," as opposed to "equality before the law." and which tend to analyze all interactions in terms of race, class, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc. Few area of American life have not been affected by the application of these perspective - particularly those related to parenting, education and employment - and with results which are often infuriating to those affected regardless of how they identify themselves politically. For just a few examples: how many parents have NOT been threatened with legal sanction for spanking their kids - by the kids themselves, teachers, etc; or, who have not been told by their kids that they were racists, bigots, reactionaries or homophobes on the basis of some lesson learned in school that day; or who are not otherwise just fed up with the Anti-American, anti-business slant taken by teachers in k-12 and professors in public colleges and universities? And who has not heard of someone who has been threatened with sanctions at work for saying something deemed "insensitive" or "offensive" by the "thought police" in residence?

Candidates who are willing to say "enough is enough" on these matters - and related ones such as affirmative action - are likely to find that they have tapped into an undercurrent of discontent that can sweep them along towards victory in November. More importantly in the long run, they will also find themselves at the forefront of the defence of American liberty in regards to freedom of speech, academic freedom, freedom of worship and parental rights. In other words, they will be doing the right thing.

Recent developments tend to support these contentions:
In a recent article in The American Thinker --
The Biggest Missing Story in Politics --
the author, based on his study of the prestigious Battleground Poll since 2002, and concluded that 60% of the American public considers itself to be either "very" or "somewhat" conservative. And, there is the fact that --
Palin electrifies conservative base

In other words, there are plenty of people out there with the right kinds of instincts and sentiments. But they need to be reached for where they live - i.e. in regards to the matters that touch them locally and in their everyday lives. And the steady incursion of state supervision and coercive power into what had been some of the most personal areas of their lives - child rearing, freedom of worship, freedom of speech, etc - are issues exactly of that kind.

I have written several other articles on this topic and will - G-d willing - continue to write others:
Silent and Waiting

(C) David Aronin 2008